Company Profile

GlobalAcorn was founded to discover and develop the next generation of cancer nanomedicine. GlobalAcorn is a leader in its Bio-Nano approach to address the major unmet needs in cancer management. Our lipid-based nanoparticle delivery technologies maximize the potential for delivery of highly potent biopharmaceutical agents and multiple other types of therapeutics. We are also developing an advanced contrast agent for diagnosis, a small molecule for cancer pain and an advanced nanoparticle design with the capability to deliver a precise payload of drug to the tumour site.

GlobalAcorn has established a strong portfolio of product opportunities which are poised for full development. Our intention is to move our lead projects forward into the clinic with an aim to demonstrate clinical proof of concept rapidly. The company is run by an experienced management team who brings skills from the scientific community, experience in business development, pharmaceutical development and a strong track record of raising finance.

Management Team

Professor Andrew David Miller, PhD.

Chief Scientific Officer, Founder

Prof Miller is a leading chemist expert in the understanding and exploitation of molecular mechanisms in biology. Up until 2010, he was a full time academic at Imperial College London, where he was full Professor of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology since 2002, plus founding Director of the Imperial College Genetic Therapies Centre since 1998. Since 2010, Prof Miller has been based at King’s College London from where he has been developing his career as an academic entrepreneur, co-founding and running GlobalAcorn since 2011.

Silvia Hill, MBA CFA

Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Hill is the Chief Financial Officer. She was previously a European Small Cap Fund manager for over 10 years in London, managing over £1bn in assets for institutional and retail clients. Silvia has an MBA in Finance from Nottingham University in UK, and a Business degree from University of Augsburg, Germany.

Nigel Whittle, PhD MBA

Head of Commercial Development

Dr. Whittle is the Commercial Development Director. Dr Whittle has more than 25 years’ experience in the biotechnology sector, as an R&D scientist with organizations such as Genentech, Celltech and Cantab Pharmaceuticals, and more recently as a business development specialist with consulting firms, private equity organizations and UK Trade & Investment, with a focus on international investment in life sciences. He was educated at Oxford University and graduated with a BA and MA in biochemistry; he obtained his PhD at Imperial College and has an MBA from Cambridge University.

Leigh Brody, PhD

Head of Preclinical Development

Dr. Brody is the head of Preclinical Development.  She obtained her PhD at Imperial College London in metabolic imaging and has extensive experience in nanoparticle development. Dr. Brody was previously an R&D scientist in the RNAi Consortium (TRC) at the Broad Institute. She also holds a BSc in Biochemistry from Simmons College and an MSc in Molecular Medicine from Imperial College London.

Advisory Boards

Professor Luigi Martini

Corporate Advisory Board Chairman

Prof Martini is a Pharmacist and holds the Chair in Pharmaceutical Innovation at King’s College, London and is Director of Rainbow medical engineering. He is a visiting Professor at John Moore’s University, Liverpool and a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Professor Martini has occupied many roles in Industry from Senior Director of Preclinical and Pharmaceutical Development for Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific at GlaxoSmithKline to the development of dosage forms and the design and successful implementation of technological platforms. A research interest includes the design of dosage form concepts for delivering personalised medicines and developing biopharmaceuticals.

Professor Terry Wilkins

Scientific Advisory Board Chairman

Prof Wilkins oversees the nanotechnology manufacturing strategy and development for GlobalAcorn. He has 32 years industrial and seven years academic experience as a successful innovator in engineering products and processes exploiting emergent technologies in the medical device, biotechnology, nanotechnology and advanced materials sectors. His innovations have been recognized with numerous prizes, awards and a medal for both new engineering science and commercial exploitation. Prof Wilkins is a pioneer in two new engineering disciplines: process analytical technology (PAT) and nonmanufacturing and has served as expert advisor for 20 years to the UK government and also been advisor to the European Commission, EU and Parliament in several technologies including nanotechnology.

Silvia Hill
Chief Financial Officer
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