GlobalAcorn is a cancer nanomedicine biopharmaceutical company dedicated to discovering and developing advanced therapeutics and diagnostics intended to transform the standard of care in treating and managing cancer.

Advanced Therapeutics & Diagnostics

GlobalAcorn’s core strengths lie in our extensive experience with biopharmaceutical agents and combining lipid-based nanoparticle delivery technologies with multiple pharmaceutical actives.

We are developing innovative pharmaceutical products that are expected to make significant contributions towards the evolving markets in companion diagnostics, image-guided therapies, stratified and personalized medicine.

Our lipid-based nanoparticle technologies are designed with specific physical and chemical characteristics enabling high levels of control over targeting and release of pharmaceutical agents to disease target sites. This should lead to maximal efficacy with minimum unwanted side effects.

World Class Team

GlobalAcorn has gathered together a leadership team with extensive experience in the discovery and development of innovative pharmaceutical products. The development of assets is being achieved through collaborations with a range of academic partners and carefully selected service providers with specialist expertise in the key areas required for rapid advancement of candidate products into clinical development.

Meet the team…

Global Acorn Dots

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In parallel with its own development activities, GlobalAcorn is interested in exploring partnerships to enhance product pipeline and to accelerate development with successful commercialisation.

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Therapeutic Programs

GlobalAcorn’s approach to advanced therapeutics and diagnostics is based on our proprietary bio-nano platform that is focused currently on cancer and pain indications, areas which represent significant opportunities for new therapeutic interventions that address unmet medical need sufficiently to change standard of care.

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